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In the 2011’s our founder, began his career as a Web Developer with an independent IT firm. By 2012, he had the foresight to start working as a freelancer. Experiencing rapid growth through new mathodologies and latest technologies, In 2012, he caught the entrepreneurial bug and formed his own independent IT firm.




By 2012, Our founder started a IT firm in Jaipur, India and named it CREWBIT. He understood that in IT industry quality of product and deadlines of project are the most important factors. Since then, Crewbit follows same principles.

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Crewbit was founded in 2012 to combat the notion that all IT services firms are created equal and offer an identical approach to Application development. Within an industry that has experienced rampant change, we find too many developers and firms are left behind in the wake, and don’t apply modern technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of the curve. This is our story.




With insight and perspective shaped by working with smartest clients, and diverse developers, we appreciate the subtlety and complexity of the lives they lead. Our developers and affiliates operate with complete control of their own practices, but all share similar values. To drive excellence.

  • No two people are alike. No two plans are alike. Only after a thorough analysis of your unique product requirements and goals do we begin to develop Application strategies specifically tailored for you. Whether you are interested in Management System for Restaurent, Shop, or any other business, your App is customized according to your varied needs and changing circumstances.

  • Our extensive IT services include application management, business analysis, online marketing, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), client traning, designing, dynamic functionalities, choosing best technologies, and many other areas of website and application development. These broad capabilities allow us to take an integrated approach and address both fundamental and complex situations with clarity and efficiency. Whenever possible, we also collaborate with people related to your business.

  • It's your business, so an 800-number or Internet search for Web development and Mobile development or research doesn't cut it. You have a relationship with an developer who spends time with you to learn what your motivation and biases are and then develops a personalized strategy. No cookie-cutter plans.

  • Our platform is fully transparent, and we like it that way. We are able to provide unfettered access to continuously monitor things like your application will be developed ona a private live server, so that you keep a watch on performance and quality. You can set meetings directly with him anytime and get direct access to your developer with any questions.

  • bou·tique
    1) a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.
    Although large enough to compete with institutional sized firms, we continue to operate a boutique model where each client is equally important and given the same attention.

  • Our firm is positioned to provide operational mid and back office support that most developers must perform on their own. By providing these solutions to our developers, it enables them to focus solely on your project without distraction and continue to grow without sacrificing service.

  • Crewbit, by design, is not beholden to any institutions, fintech companies, asset management organizations, or service providers. Our hand select the tools, technology and business partners we believe to be the best choice. Given this freedom, our developers have no sales quotas, production requirements, or restrictions on their practice.



Your dedicated team of experts will work tirelessly to meet all of your needs. We always deliver on time, this is our policy.


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